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IVF travel and vacation is now the option of choice for many couples living abroad.

Institute of Life offers one of the most cost effective IVF treatments in Europe with very high success rates. We are located inside the 2 top Maternity hospitals in Greece, IASO and MITERA which are ranked among the safest Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Europe.

At Iolife we organize every aspect of your journey providing professional advice, support and other benefits designed to make your trip as affordable and comfortable as possible. Our collaboration with Magna Travel Group offers a range of products and services that add value to your travel management experience.

All our international and domestic couples are able to receive discounted travel and accommodation packages, car rental bookings, travel insurances, currency exchange as well as on-site visa and documentation services. Feel free to contact Mr. Nasos Babalis by email at: info@magna travel.gr In order to plan and coordinate your IVF journey with us.

Contact Person: Nasos Babalis

Email: info@magnatravel.gr

Phone: +30 210 960 5555

24/7 available – Magna Travel