Dr. Garavelas Athanasios OB/GYN is an Obstetrician – Surgeon – Gynecologist, specializing in Reproductive Endocrinology, Assisted Reproduction and has a Master’s Degree from the University of Athens in Reproductive- Regenerative medicine and also a second Master’s Degree from the University of Athens in high-risk pregnancies. He was born in Athens and went to medical school “ La Sapienza “of Rome, from where he graduated in 2004 with a grade of” 92/110”. In 2005 acquires the professional license with the ranking 251.75 / 270
He received the title of specialty “Obstetrics – Gynecology” in 2013 at the University of Athens. Got a significant surgical experience and running a large number of interventions, both
gynecological that obstetricians. Is also trained in laparoscopic surgery and hysteroscopy, colposcopy, IVF, especially in cases of high-risk pregnancies. He has presented extensive scientific work and has participated in a number of postgraduate seminars and medical workshops in Greece and abroad and has widely published articles of his work at International and Panhellenic Conferences. He speaks English, French and Italian. He maintain’s a private practice in Athens, Rome and Milan He has been a registered member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) as well as of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), hence keeping his knowledge and skills up-to-date and according to the highest
international standards.



• Master in High Risk Pregnancy
• Master in Assisted Reproduction and Regenerative Medicine
• Holder of Specialized Training in Human Reproduction
of the University of Athens.
PhD from the medical school of Athens , having studied HPV and Chlamidia infections
during Assisted Reproduction.
• 2003 V Symposium of Endoscopic Surgery-Rome
• 2004 24 pediatric courses
• 2005 Scientific Society Meeting on Medical Education:
New in Medicine and Surgery
• 2005 38 update in pediatric therapies
• 2006 6 Breast Symposium – Modern Treatment of Breast Cancer
• 2007 7 Oncological Conference
• 2007 problems in modern ocology. Current answers and the
future perspectives.
• 2008 breast cancer.
• 2008 Recent developments in oncology of the digestive tract
• 2008 Chronic myeloid leukemia – clinical and clinical monitoring
Contemporary laboratory
• 2010 the application of the polymorphism of the fetal FSH estradiol
I, II in assisted reproduction
• 2010 Urogenital Disease Seminar
• 2010 placenta. A precious neuroendocrine organ
• 2010 venous insufficiency and pregnancy
• 2010 Diagnosis of Genetic Diseases
• Endometriosis 2010 infiltrating profound
• 2010 breast cancer in pregnancy with pregnancy
• 2010 Gestational Diabetes – New Data
• 2010 2nd seminary of oncology gynecology
• 2010 Prenatal diagnosis and management of fetal anemia
• 2010 Board on Oncology- Case Presentation
• 2010 differences in male and female brains • 2010 repeated implant failures – New data • • 2011 thrombocytopenia and pregnancy • • 2011 Obesity and perioperative medicine • • 2011 3rd seminary oncologic gynecology: to preserve fertility • in women with gynecological tumors • • 2011 Endometrial Carcinoma – prognostic markers • histopathological and molecular • • 2011 Stem Cells – New Data • • 2011 HPV infection – c ‘and response? • • 2011 the induction of labor • • 2011 Functional bleeding of puberty • • 2011 fetal teratology • • 2011 genetic of female genital tumors • • 2011 post-menopausal atrophy of the genital tract • • 2011 Perineal obstetric injuries. Theoretical and practical part • • 2011 thrombophilia and pregnancy • • 2012 contraception in adolescence • • 2012 menopause • • 2012 preoperative and coagulation monitoring • • 2012 repeated implant failures at IVF • • 2012 the ultrasonic in gynecology • • 2012 organic cause of menstrual disorders • • 2012 laparoscopic problems • • The effect of maternal nutrition during pregnancy
Participation in scientific works was presented at national conferences and conferences at
European level.
Work at national conferences:
• Βlunt hepatic injuries. Surgical treatment, our experience. (4th Conference of the Hellenic
Society of Trauma and Emergency Surgery, p. 136)
Works in international conferences:
• Inguinal hernia repair using the Lichtenstein tension free hernioplasty (29th International
Congress of the European Hernia Society p.24)
• Incisional hernia with great abdominal defect.Emergency repair using goretex dual
mesh.Case report. (29th International Congress of the European Hernia Society P.25)
• Acute abdomen and intestinal obstruction due to incarcerated incisional hernia. (29th
International Congress of the European Hernia Society p.68)
Participation in Greek and international medical congresses over the past 10 years
Participation in the following international conferences:
• XXVIII National Congress of the Italian Society of Thoracic Surgery, Rome 24-27 /
• International Lung Cancer Seminar, Τinos 5-7 / 5/2008
• 29th International Congress of the European Hernia Society, Athens 6- 9/5/2007
• International Forum for the Study of Familiar and Early Breast Cancer, Nicosia 18-21 /
National Participation at the following Conferences:
• 1 National Conference on infertility therapy. Embryo Approach and
gynecological.Atene 2005
• 25 panellenic Congress of Surgery, International Forum
surgery, Athens 2006
• 13th National Congress of Clinical Oncology, Ioannina 2006
• 4th Congress of the Greek Society of Surgery Urgency and Trauma,
Athens 2007
• 18th National Congress of Hematology, Thessaloniki 2007
• 11th National Congress of Psychosocial Oncology, Athens 2007
• 7th National Conference on Cancer Markers and Targeted Therapy,
Athens 2008
• 19th National Congress of Hematology, Athens 2008
• 3rd International Forum on Oncology: creative dialogue with the
Greece, Chania 2008
• 9th National Conference on Oncologic Radiotherapy, 2008
• 11th National Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Athens 2009
• 2nd National Conference on Childhood and Adolescence
gynecology, Athens 2010
• 1st combo endocrinology course of the ovary, Viotia 2013
• Endoscopic female genital tract surgery, Athens 2013
• The current development of the PGD and putting them in play
assisted, Athens 2014