The participation of the Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit “Institute of Life” IASO at the Fertility Show

The Institute of Life Medical Institute, IASO, has been very successful in the Fertility Show, the largest international conference and in vitro fertilization report, held in London on 7 and 8 November.

More than 3,600 visitors attended the exhibition, many of whom couples looking for solutions to infertility problems.Also, there were about 100 exhibitors active in the field of IVF, including some of the largest centers internationally (USA, Spain, England, etc.).

The Institute of Life, IASO, had an extremely dynamic presence, as it was a keen interest in our services. In particular, more than 100 counseling sessions were held by the Center’s scientific staff, which provided the appropriate information and guidance to stakeholders, especially couples, who addressed us.

At the same time, we were given the opportunity to highlight the potential and comparative advantages of our country as a destination for medical tourism in the field of IVF.

Institute of Life
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In collaboration with embryo tools, we created a model unit into the premises of the maternity hospital IASO. We have Assembled a top team of scientists in assisted reproduction ready to face even the most difficult cases.