Dr. Panagiotis Polyzos is a member of the board of Directors of Institute of life and a founding member of the company.


Panagiotis Polyzos graduated from Medical School of the University of Athens. As a Special Fellow in the Department of Human Reproduction of Hammersmith University Hospital- London with famous Prof. Lord Robert Winston, he specialized in Assisted Reproductive Technologies and fertility issues, as well as in laparoscopic — hysteroscopic surgery. He deals particulary with the treatment of gynecological problems related to infertility such as endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids, polycystic ovaries, etc., using modern techniques.
He served as Special Fellow of Kings College Hospital- London in the Fetal Medicine Foundation, under the supervision of the world famous Prof. Kypros Nikolaides , where he specialized in fetal -maternal medicine, gaining extensive experience in obstetrics and gynecological sonography, diagnostic procedures (amniocentesis, trophoblast biopsy, fetal blood sampling – PUBS) and high risk pregnancies (twin, triplet pregnancy, etc.). Dr Polyzos is currently active in assisted reproduction unit ‘’ Institute of Life — Iaso’’ as a Founding member and research associate.

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