Oocyte Freezing

The effect of cryopreservation, freezing of a woman’s ova , on the development and improvement of assisted reproduction methods is becoming increasingly important.

What is egg freezing

Egg freezing or cryopreservation is an assisted reproduction technique that allows women to freeze and store their eggs so they can choose the time they become mothers.

What are the reasons why a woman chooses to freeze eggs?

The reasons why a woman chooses to freeze her eggs may be either health or social .

The most common health reasons for which a woman, if she could, would postpone her desire to become a mother for later is:

  • When there is a diagnosis of cancer for which you may need to undergo chemotherapy and radiation
  • When the woman has to undergo ovarian ablation or total hysterectomy.
  • When there is a history of premature menopause in the family, so she wants to freeze her eggs at an early age so she can not find herself unprepared.

The most common social reasons for maternity transplantation are:

  • The completion or the achievement of some professional goals
  • Finding the right mate

How are oocytes cryopreserved (vitrified) by vitrification?

The woman undergoes hormonal stimulation of the ovaries. It is then picked up by ultrasound scanning which takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The doctor collects the mature ova with the help of a needle guided to each ovary with an ultrasound while the woman is into a narcosis. Then they will freeze and thaw them in order to mix with sperm to create embryos.

Instead, however, the eggs are fertilized, subjected to a special treatment, and then frozen at a very low temperature by the vitrification method, i.e. ultra fast freezing, which prevents the formation of intracellular crystals. Also used are new generation cryoprotectants, substances that protect tissues from damage that may be caused by the cryopreservation process.

By vitrifying ova, each woman has the ability to keep her eggs for a long time without any further effect on their quality and to use them when she so desires.

Freezing ova with vitrification step by step

Step 1: Before agreeing to cryopreserve and store your egg, your doctor will explain the procedure to be followed and the chances of success. Our Unit gives you the opportunity to discuss your feelings and any concerns you may have with a specialist advisor.

Step 2: You should check for infectious diseases, including HIV and hepatitis B and C.

Step 3o: Prepare for a notary a notary act, based on which you consent to the ova frozen in our Center

Step 4: Then you should undergo ovarian stimulation for follicular development by taking fertility drugs

Step 5: When your eggs mature, under slight anesthesia, you will be subjected to ultrasound-guided oocyte, a process that lasts about 10 minutes.

Step 6: In this step of the process the ova are frozen by the vitrification method and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C

In the future when you are ready to get pregnant, then your eggs will be thawed and the remaining steps of IVF will be followed, ie fertilization and embryo transfer of a certain number of embryos to the uterus. The extra embryos resulting may be frozen using the same method for future use.

What happens when a woman wants to have a child with stored eggs?

  • When the woman decides to make a child, defrosting the oocytes and following the process of IVF with the semen of the husband or partner.
  • If a woman has been hysterectomized for health reasons, then the embryos can be implanted into the matrix of a surrogate mother who takes them and then delivers the baby to her biological parents.
  • If the woman chooses to become a mother without a partner, the law allows her to do it with donor sperm.

Medical team with international experience

The “Institute of Life” IASO consists of a group of scientists with many years of experience in large research and nursing centers abroad with expertise in IVF, consisting of clinical embryologists, obstetricians – gynecologists as well as experienced nurses and administrative staff, with a joint Purpose: providing high quality services to couples with fertility problems in Greece and abroad, fulfilling their dream of becoming parents.

Successes of our Center

By combining the state-of-the-art embryological laboratory with the most sophisticated embryo monitoring systems with the excellent scientific staff, IASO’s “Institute of Life” is able to offer the best in modern medicine in this field, ensuring a steady achievement of high success rates .

In our unit, the vitrification method has been applied since its very beginning with great success. Ovarian survival rates approach 100% while fertilization rates reach 80-90%. Gestation rates are proportions of fresh eggs.

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In collaboration with embryo tools, we created a model unit into the premises of the maternity hospital IASO. We have Assembled a top team of scientists in assisted reproduction ready to face even the most difficult cases.