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Our multidisciplinary team of top professional professionals is fully committed to the needs of each couple, choosing meticulously the best treatment that suits them.

Under the guidance of Dr Gloria Calderon , the top embryologist of the world’s largest IVI IVF, as well as the contribution of Nuno Costa-Borges, also an award-winning embryologist with a long career in Europe , we feel absolutely confident that we are ready to realize the vision Us – to be an Assisted Reproduction Center that will be a reference point for couples from all over Europe.

IASO ‘s International Cooperation Program , with distinguished, world-renowned scientists, pioneers and founders of innovative methods in Assisted Reproduction, is expanding with yet another important collaboration, with French Professor Dominique de Ziegler .

Professor Dominique de Ziegler, has been working with the Institute of Life Assisted Reproduction Unit (Iaso ) as Educational and Research Advisor to make use of his multiannual research experience for the benefit of couples addressed to Specialists of our Unit.

Station in the research course of Professor Dominique de Ziegler , has been his pioneering study as the lead researcher on the effect of vaginal progesterone on the endometrium in women undergoing Assisted Reproduction therapies.

Professor Dominique de Ziegler is specialized in IVF in oncology patients and in patients with severe (endometriosis) grade 4, in patients with premature ovarian failure as well as on oncology patients undergoing Assisted Reproduction therapies.

Today, Professor Dominique de Ziegler heads the Department of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility of Rene Descartes (Paris V) in Paris where, together with the internationally renowned Professor Charles Chapron, they are conducting extensive studies on the development of protocols to address fertility problems. Women suffering from endometriosis.