Dr. Chandakas Stefanos

Dr. Stefanos Chandakas MD MBA PhD, is an obstetrician, endoscopic surgeon, gynecologist, and a graduate of the University of Athens Medical School in Greece. He was born, in Athens, in 1972. His PhD degree from University of Athens Medical School was awarded with distinction and has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Healthcare Management from the Imperial College in London. He was educated in England and the United States in obstetrics, gynecology, laparoscopic / robotic surgery and infertility.

In 2001 Dr. Chandakas was one of the youngest obstetrician-gynecologist consultants of UK’s National Health Service (NHS). He used to hold academic positions (visiting Lecturer) at major institutions in Greece, Germany and the UK. He teaches students and medical specialists on matters relating to high-risk pregnancies and laparoscopic surgery. He has conducted and published multiple medical research papers in international and Greek medical journals and has written various chapters that have been included in medical books. He has worked as a leading lecturer in the University of Athens at Attiko Hospital and is currently a member of the Scientific Board of MITERA Hospital, HYGEIA Hospital in Athens, Greece.

Dr. Chandakas was also a former Sailing Champion and a member of the Greek Olympic Sailing Team in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.

In recent years, Dr. Chandakas has developed strong charitable and philanthropic interest by participating in the NGO “Aegean Team” and providing health services in remote island regions.