Institute of Life – IASO: Partnership with leading embryologist Dr. Jacques Cohen for applying AI systems


  • Ensuring the selection of the most suitable embryos for implantation, with accuracy that reaches up to 92.5%

  • Increasing the chances of pregnancy from the very 1st embryo transfer

In its efforts to apply the most innovative methods and ensure optimal results and successful pregnancies, Institute of Life – IASO announces a scientific partnership with world renowned Clinical Embryologist Dr. Jacques Cohen, paving the way in the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

From now on, the latest AI technology will be applied at Institute of Life – IASO on two levels:

1) Using the Embryo Ranking Intelligent Classification Algorithm (ERICA) AI system, which optimizes the embryo selection process, selecting the most suitable embryo for transfer. This new prognostic software ranks the embryos based on their ability to be successfully implanted in the endometrium of the prospective mother, this way increasing her chances of pregnancy. It is the most advanced AI embryo classification system worldwide and it is applied for the first time in Greece at the Institute of Life – IASO. By applying conventional selection criteria, in combination with the ERICA system, we can select the embryo with the highest chance of leading to successful pregnancy, with an accuracy that reaches 92.5%.

2) Installing the new groundbreaking AI system, which, for the first time ever, will focus on selecting the most suitable sperm, aiming to significantly increase the chances of successful egg fertilization.

Through accumulation of large volumes of data, image analysis and smart software, AI will assist IVF specialists and clinical embryologists to effectively manage even the most challenging assisted reproduction cases.

AI is the most promising form of modern technical support and is expected to play a leading part in assisted reproduction in the coming years.

True to its vision, Institute of Life – IASO will continue to invest in new technologies and new scientific partnerships, aiming to bring couples a step close to fulfilling their expectations!



A few words about Dr. Jacques Cohen and his exclusive partnership with Institute of Life – IASO

Dr. Jacques Cohen was part of the team of Professor Edwards, who brought the first IVF baby, Louise Brown, into the world. He is world renowned for developing a series of embryology innovations and protocols which are commonly used in modern IVF labs, such as single-step culture media, preimplantation genetic diagnosis and embryo cryopreservation.



The scientific partnership between Institute of Life – IASO and Clinical Embryologist Dr. Jacques Cohen had started earlier, through the International IVF Initiative i3 platform he had developed, which is a global online training platform for assisted reproduction healthcare professionals. Our associate Dr. Giles Palmer, Clinical Embryologist, is also a member of the Initiative.

Institute of Life – IASO had the honor of being showcased to the global scientific community via the i3 platform for its groundbreaking Maternal Spindle Transfer clinical study. Through this study, the scientific team of the Institute of Life and Embryotools is researching the potential of addressing the problems of women with fertility issues and multiple IVF failures caused by cytoplasmic dysfunctions of their oocytes, and the potential of addressing serious mitochondrial diseases.

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