Information form for the use of the CHLOE OQ artificial intelligence-based oocyte assessment tool

Institute of Life-IASO and CHLOE OQ

Fertility preservation is a medical procedure aimed at preventing infertility and constitutes an investment in the future for all women. The Institute of Life – IASO is the first Assisted Reproduction Unit in the European Union to offer the new CHLOE OQ assessment tool for oocyte cryopreservation. CHLOE OQ is the first and only AI-based assessment tool that offers access to clinical and laboratory data with biological insights in terms that you can easily understand.

With respect to CHLOE OQ

CHLOE OQ is a standardized morphological grading system which is used to assess oocyte quality at a level of detail that was not possible by clinical embryologist until now.

The CHLOE OQ technology is an artificial intelligence “smart tool” since it assesses oocyte quality using images from state-of-the-art incubators integrated with micro-cameras and Time-Lapse technology systems. Along these lines, the clinical embryologist has a clear picture of the likelihood of embryo development and fertility physicians can now provide women with accurate and personalized information regarding oocyte cryopreservation cycles.

The information offered by CHLOE OQ allow for personalized counseling and help women better understand the clinicians’ treatment proposals, while providing access to their personalized data.

CHLOE OQ has come to fill a void in the procedure by ensuring that women have realistic expectations in relation to the future use of their frozen eggs. In the past, such information was provided to women on the basis of general estimates as a result of health statistics and population, which took into consideration the patient’s age and the number of matured eggs that had been collected. CHLOE OQ enhances decision-making by offering significantly more information and more analyses regarding the potential of oocytes reaching the blastocyst stage.

Why is the CHLOE OQ oocyte assessment important?

CHLOE OQ is an innovative and standardized AI-powered visual grading system. It offers high-quality oocyte assessment which until now could not be achieved by the human eye. CHLOE OQ is a decision support tool in vitro fertilization clinics. All the final decisions must be made by the fertility physicians at the Assisted Reproduction Unit.

What information does CHLOE OQ offer?

  • Numerical grading of each oocyte that was collected. The numerical grade next to the image of each oocyte indicates the likelihood, on a scale of 0 to 10, that the oocyte will successfully develop into a blastocyst (5th – 6th day embryo). This predictive analysis is created via an application of the CHLOE OQ AI algorithm. The AI technology assesses the attributes of the oocytes, some of which may not be obvious. The prediction is based on a combination of these attributes. To better understand the grading of your oocytes, we recommend that you discuss these factors with your clinician, who has all the information about your reproductive profile.
  • Probabilities of blastocyst formation after successful thawing from the total number of oocytes that were collected. Blastocyst formation (5th – 6th day embryos) is the first important step in the assisted reproduction procedure since it has been proven that it increases the chances of pregnancy when the embryo is implanted in the endometrium.
  • The probabilities of a baby being born from oocytes that will be cryopreserved is associated with the age of the woman at oocyte collection, with the total number of oocytes that were collected, as well as various other individualized factors. To better understand the probabilities of a baby being born from cryopreserved oocytes, we recommend that you discuss these factors with your clinician, who has all the information about your reproductive profile, as well as access to published studies with prognostic data according to age (an indicative table according to age and number of oocytes collected is attached).

Can CHLOE OQ guarantee an effective prediction?

CHLOE OQ is an artificial intelligence tool that predicts the probabilities of cryopreserved oocytes. Regardless of the CHLOE OQ predictions, is it important to understand that CHLOE OQ is an AI-powered visual grading system. CHLOE OQ is a predictive tool therefore it cannot guarantee the further use of these oocytes, since a number of factors contribute to the outcome of the fertilization of cryopreserved oocytes and may influence the result. CHLOE OQ is not intended to replace personalized medical counseling on fertility preservation issues.

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