Advanced genetic testing Advanced genetic tests assist in minimizing the transmission of genetic conditions to children and managing unexplained infertility, which was impossible to date. It also makes it possible to transfer to the womb only the healthiest embryos created during IVF.


It permits selecting only embryos with the right number of chromosomes to be implanted, by extension leading to the birth of a healthy baby.



In the context of assisted reproduction, the PGT-M method is used to select the embryos that do not carry defects from the carrier status of the parents.



This groundbreaking non-invasive procedure (niPGT) eliminates the need for an embryo biopsy and facilitates access to embryos for chromosomal anomaly testing throughout all the IVF cycles.


ER Map, ERA test

Endometrial Receptivity Map (ER Map, ERA test)

Male doctor writes notes on the clipboard in the hospital

Endometrial Immunological Testing (ImMap)

For successful pregnancy, it is important for the maternal and embryonic cells to co-exist in a fine regulation of immunological balance.


KIR-HLAc genetic matching

KIR and HLA-C genotyping allows determining whether there is compatibility between KIR uterine receptors and the foreign HLA-C in the embryo.

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