Embryoscope Plus

One of the major advantages of the Institute of Life is its state-of-the-art Embryology Lab, equipped with the latest innovative and quality technology, it is considered one the best in Europe.

During IVF, monitoring and evaluating the developing embryos forms an integral part of lab practice.

This procedure includes the interruption of the incubation conditions at regular intervals, i.e. removing the embryos from the incubator and observing them under the microscope.

However, using time-lapse technology (EmbryoScope Plus) and watching the development of preimplantation embryos on video, the Institute of Life Assisted Reproduction Unit is able to evaluate ands select the most suitable embryos, without having to observe them under the microscope and disrupting their incubation conditions.

In addition, based on logarithmic analysis of their morphokinetic parameters, we select the most suitable embryos, which have the highest implantation potential.

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