Egg Microfertilization (ΙCSI/P-IMSI)

Microfertilization involves the isolation and insemination of one sperm into each egg.

It is performed in cases of severe male factor infertility and unexplained infertility.

In the last years, with the advent of new tests to evaluate the fertility potential of sperm, the scientific community has been focusing on the significance of selecting suitable sperm during IVF.

The male factor is not eliminated when using techniques such as conventional ICSI, but it is bypassed. So, in our efforts to become more effective in treating these fertility problems, we apply techniques such as the PICSI/IMSI combination so as to successfully choose the most suitable sperm (low DNA fragmentation and fully mature sperm) for each egg.

PICSI/IMSI combination, also known as P-IMSI, involves the use of culture dishes that contain a special layer of hyaluronic acid and tiny high magnification lenses, so as to successfully select a fully mature sperm with the lowest possible chance of carrying fragmented DNA (single strand breakage).

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