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Infertility does not just affect women.

Nowadays, it is estimated that 50% of infertility cases are due, at least partially, to the male partner.

The need to extend male fertility due to postponing having children (financial or social reasons) or due to medical reasons (e.g. malignancy, varicocele, endocrinology disorders) renders sperm cryopreservation necessary. This procedure involves storing sperm in special liquid nitrogen cryopreservation tanks, which ensures it can later be used for successful fertilization.

3-sperm Freezing

Sperm Cryopreservation

Sperm freezing or cryopreservation is a process whereby the sperm cells are preserved for future use.

1-Testicular tissue

Testicular Tissue Cryopreservation

The testicular tissue is treated in an andrology lab, so that sperm suitable for fertilization or future storage is isolated and placed in liquid nitrogen at -196°C, where it will remain until used for micro-insemination (ICSI).

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