Embryo Culture Using Time-lapse Technology (EmbryoScope Plus)

The Institute of Life has installed an innovative incubation and monitoring system for embryos, the EmbryoScope® Plus, which is the most technologically advanced incubator

The EmbryoScope® Plus is the most advanced incubator, fitted with a micro-camera that can monitor up to 240 embryos at once, drawing valuable information about their growth rate and future potential.

The images of the embryos are recorded in real-time and are used to create a time-lapse video. This serves as the foundation for embryologists, who used advanced software to rate the embryos as to their ability to be implanted. This new approach in the objective evaluation of embryos, using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) systems and the experience of our embryologists, allows us to select the most suitable embryos for transfer.

Another important benefit of the EmbryoScope is that it preserves the embryo development conditions unaltered. The embryos remain in the EmbryoScope for as long as they are in the lab, which avoids any possible fluctuations that could happen during their scheduled exam by embryologists.

The importance of this technology is reflected in the success rates, which exceed the international average for certain categories of women by up to 25%.

Apart from the increased success rates and the reduced pregnancy time, choosing the most suitable embryo for the transfer also leads to lower spontaneous miscarriage or palpitation rates, as well as better quality embryos, which can be used both for embryo transfer and for cryopreservation for future use.

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