Institute of Life-IASO, EuroMediterranean Institute
for Quality and Safety in Health Services and Temos Hellas:

Certification of clinical results and success rates
of the Institute of Life-IASO Assisted Reproduction Unit




The Institute of Life-IASO, staying committed to its vision for continuous improvement of its procedures and services, has certified its clinical results and success rates. This certification is the first to be issued in Greece.

The certified validation of the Institute’s statistical measurements and clinical effectiveness indicators once again establishes Institute of Life – IASO as a point of reference to the international scientific community of Assisted Reproduction Centers.

The certification of results was undertaken by the independent body “EuroMediterranean Institute for Quality and Safety in Health Services” and by Temos Hellas, exclusive agent of Temos International Healthcare Accreditation, after a lengthy procedure to validate statistical indicators and success rates for the Unit. The review was conducted by age group of women who underwent assisted reproduction and in relation to the method applied to achieve pregnancy.

A special standard was developed for the compliance review procedures in accordance with European Union guidelines on criteria to ensure qualitative and objective statistical reporting, international standards for data verification and the principles of the European Statistics Code of Practice and European Commission Regulation 2017/0048 (COD).

Ms Angeliki Katsapi, Executive Director of the EuroMediterranean Institute for Quality and Safety in Health Services and of Temos Hellas, said: “The verification of the Unit’s clinical results focuses on the origin of data and the way they are used in publishing statistical reports and, specifically, to the evaluation of their accuracy, transparency, consistency and comparability. I believe that this innovative certification of clinical results should serve as the beginning of more broadly applied certifications in the sector so that every woman, every couple, are able to obtain full and objective knowledge of the services being offered by health providers.”

Mr. Eros Nikitos, Director of the Embryology Lab at the Institute of Life-IASO, noted that: “The certified verification of statistical data of our embryology lab demonstrates in the most reliable manner that we remain true to our vision: To offer the greatest possible chance for a couple to realize its dream. Additionally, the qualitative analysis of data allows us to present to each woman, individually, the realistic possibility of achieving pregnancy based on the specific factors present in each unique case.”

The sample reviewed by the Institute’s expert scientists, and checked, for its compliance with procedures and data reliability specifications, was drawn from the period November 2018 through November 2019 and verification of data for 2020 is already at its final stages.


Αbout Institute of Life

Institute of Life, one of the most advanced Assisted Reproduction Centres in Europe, has been created within “Iaso”, the largest Obstetrics & Gynecology clinic in Greece and in Southeastern Europe. It was founded by a group of fertility doctors who shared a common dream: to offer patients the best chance of fulfilling their dream of parenthood.

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