Papanikolaou Athanasios

Obstetrician – Surgeon – Gynecologist
Fertility Specialist

Dr. Athanasios Papanikolaou, MD, MSc is an Obstetrician / Gynecology Surgeon with postgraduate training in Female Reproduction. From the onset of his professional career, he has had a keen interest in assisted reproduction.


Dr. Athanasios Papanikolaou, MD, Msc, completed his studies in Medicine at one of the most renowned medical universities in Europe, in Bologna, Italy. He completed his residency as an Obstetrician / Gynecology Surgeon and received his MA from the University of Athens. He has participated in many scientific conferences exclusively dedicated to assisted reproduction.

Dr. Athanasios Papanikolaou, MD, MSc, is a graduate of the University of Bologna, Italy, and completed his residency at the 1st Obstetrics and Gynecology University Clinic, Alexandra Hospital. He also holds an MA in Female Reproduction Research with honors, from the University of Athens. He has been licensed by the Ministry of Health for performing gynecological and obstetrical ultrasounds. He has also obtained a Bachelor in Endoscopy Certificate from the European Academy of Gynaecological Surgery. He further holds a license for performing colposcopies from the Hellenic Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology. He has written many scientific articles and has participated in multiple conference as a speaker or delegate.

He is a member of the Athens Medical Association, the European Society Human of Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE), Hellenic Society of Reproductive Medicine, the Hellenic Society for Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology and the Hellenic Society of Perinatal Surgery.

In the last years, he has treated many infertile couples, both in Greece and abroad, as well as women wishing to preserve their fertility (egg freezing).

He has been a close associate of IASO Institute of Life since its establishment.

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