The top Management of “IASO” Hospital in the Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit of IASO “Institute of Life”, acknowledging that proper medical diagnosis, care and treatment of the patients is not achieved only by putting into application scientific knowledge, but also by developing caring relationships with patients, commits to a continuous effort to respond with responsibility and effectiveness to the demands and expectations of both patients and of all the recipients of the patient services and of other customers and stakeholders of “IASO” and of the Assisted Reproduction Unit of IASO “Institute of Life” .

As part of the effort to continuously improve the objective of the services provided by IASO and “Institute of Life”, was developed installed and and put into application a Quality Management System QMS according to the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001:2015, EN 15224 and TEMOS through the implementation of the QMS, are assured the following:

  • the use and optimization of the required technological infrastructure
  • the readiness for adopting new techniques and methods for the provision of the medical and nursing care
  • the compliance with the applicable laws and regulatory provisions
  • the effort for the continuous improvement of the provided services
  • the high level of infrastructure
  • highly trained medical, nursing and administrative staff
  • the privacy and confidentiality of the sensitive personal data
  • the integration of the quality management system’s requirements in the corporation process of the hospital
  • the application of the process of the management of the clinical hazards including the management of the clinical risks
  • the risk assessment approach for the identification and the handling of the threats and the utilization of the opportunitiesη that may influence the conformity of the provided services, in addition to the ability of the hospital to strengthen the satisfaction of the patients, the customers and the other stakeholders
  • the respect towards the patient’s rights and self-determination, by participating in decisions related to the treatment plan and the respect towards the person’s cultural and religious beliefs
  • The compliance with ethical values, ethics and with the quality characteristics and requirements in the provision of health care services and the safety of all national and international patients and other stakeholders.

In order to support the QMS operation and effectiveness, the Administration of “IASO” and of the Medical Unit “Institute of Life” commit themselves that the quality objectives and the present Quality Policy are compatible with the hospital context and the strategic planning of the hospital for the development and maintenance of an excellent infrastructure and high level of human resources which are encouraged to:

  • actively participate in the operation of the Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit “Institute of Life” and of the departments cooperative to it (medical, nursing, supportive)
  • comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System.
  • contribute to the continuous consolidation and improvement of its effectiveness, by providing it all the means for its’ continuous development.

The Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit of “IASO” “Institute of Life” personnel, and the involved personnel of the Hospital, is required to comply with all the decisions that are taken for the realization of the present Quality Policy, based on the available resources and infrastructure that are provided by the Administration of “IASO” Hospital and the “Institute of Life” Medical Unit.

The present Quality Policy is maintained up to date, it is communicated to the personnel and it is available to the interested parties.



Dr Panagiotis Psathas

 Manager IVF IoLife

Dr Themistocles Mantzavinos

Scientific Director IVF “IoLife”

Dr Georgios Stamatiou

President of “IASO”

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