Engaged Leadership – Vision

The top Management of “IASO” Group is committed to a business model leading to the creation of a Group of healthcare services provision that is a pioneer in the medical science and adopts any innovation and technological development that offers a continually improved level of the provided services oeprating in a way that satisfies simultaneously the doctors and the patients or their relatives and the other interested parties;in a Group distinguished for its’ working conditions and the relations of cooperation of the doctors and the other healthcare professionals, ensuring a convenient access to every new doctor, building and reinforcing conditions of social responsibility internally and externally.

In this way, the top Management of “IASO” Group intends to maintain the superb level of healthcare services provision also working towards the improvementof the the environmental social and economic aspects of the community and thewhole world in which the Group operates. This vision becomes a reality by means of actions, practices and programs towards the reduction of the use of natural resources, the optimization of energy efficient technologies and materials and the introduction of innovations and solutions that add value for the patients of the Group, the community and the whole world.


Reduction of Environmental Footprint – Environmental Management

The top Management of IASO Group acknowledging that proper medical diagnosis, care and treatment of the patients is not achieved only by putting into action the scientific knowledge, but also by developing caring relationships with patients, commits to a continuous effort to respond with responsibility and effectiveness to the demands and expectations of both the patients and of all the recipients of the patient services and of other customers and stakeholders of “IASO Group, including the expectations of the wide awareness of the community in environmental management issues.

In this context, the overall effort to continuously improve the environmental performance of the Group, is reinforced by an Environmental Management System was studied, installed and implemented.

The Environmental Policy of the Group in its’ Hospitals and its’ Companies is reviewed and amended at regular intervals under the light of technological and medical / scientific developments and any new results of the environmental monitoring and is available to the public.

In this context, with regard to the achievement of its’ objectives regarding the environmental management, IASO Group more specifically is committed to the following:

• Takes into account the principles of sustainable development, the rational management and saving of resources, energy, water and reduced gaseous emissions for the protection of the environment and the climate
• Complies with the applicable environmental legislation including the legal framework for health care provision facilities and activities
• Recognizes all the environmental aspects (environmental issues) that arise from the application of its’ activities and controls the respective environmental impacts on the environment
• Establishes, documents and reviews its’ environmental objectives and targets, taking into accountthe significant environmental aspects, technological and medical / scientific developments, economic and operational requirements
• Manages the waste (solid and liquid, hazardous or non-hazardous) and its’ emissions (gas, noise, radiation) in accordance with its’ environmental permits and applicable legislation and with suppliers to whom the Group has communicated these requirements to ensure the protection of the environment and the public health
• Continuously provides training to all personnel in their respective competencies whose work affects in any way the Environmental Management System
• Aims to the creation and maintenance of a relationship of trust with the local and the wider society and provides environmental information to the public
• Regularly is inspecting the Environmental Management System
For the support and effectiveness of the Environmental Management System, IASO Group is committed that the Quality and Environmental Management objectives and the present Sustainability including the Environmental Policy are consistent with the operational framework of the Group and its’ strategic planning as well as with the development and maintaining of an excellent infrastructure and a high level of competence of human resources that are encouraged to:
• Beingactively involved in the operation of the departments (medical, nursing, supportive), using the general medical / nursing / scientific training and the education given by the Group
• Complies with the requirements of the Environmental Management System
• Contributes to the continuous consolidation and improvement of its’ effectiveness and the prevention of pollution,
• This Environmental Policy is kept up to date, communicated to the staff and is available to the interested parties.

Goals of the Environmental Management:

The previous description of the Environmental Policy of IASO Group aims to describe the framework for the assessment of the environmental aspects of the activities of the Group Clinics and Companies, regarding the environmental impacts of these activities on the environment, the establishment of environmental objectives and the monitoring of them. The aim is to comply with environmental legislation and to continuously improve the environmental performance of each Group Hospital and Company aiming to the protection of the environment and to a sustainable development, whilst at the same time to ensured financial savings through effective preventive treatment of the environmental impacts of the environmental aspects of the Hospitals and Companies of the Group as well as the successful avoidance of environmental emergencies.

For the proper implementation of the environmental management, the Group has developed and implemented relevant management procedures for its environmental aspects concerning:

• The gaseous pollution and the greenhouse gas prevention
• wastewater and sewage management
• the management of solid wastes (both hazardous and non-hazardous)
• the resource management (water and energy consumption)
• the management of chemicals
• the control of noise


Community Investment and Social Impact

Corporate Social Responsibility:

“IASO Group is aiming to operate in harmony with the society, places a great importance on the Corporate Social Responsibility perspective which does matter”. It has created the Corporate Social Responsibility Program “Stand by You” which is “branded”and it is based on the main axes of actions: the offer to the community, the staff and the environment:

• One of the main goals of the IASO Group with the program “Stand by You” is to be supportive to the sensitive social groups, effectively covering the important needs of the citizens
• It actively supports non-governmental organizations, especially those who care for the child, the woman and the family.
• In case of patients that need assistance, it provides a comprehensive medical care with free preventative examinations or surgical procedures.
• It provides significant discounts and privileges to specific groups of people who are severely suffered by the financial crisis, such as discounts in case of delivery, surgeries, examinations and hospitalization, free visits to doctors of all specialties for themselves and for their families, and unlimited visits for their children, to doctors of all specialties of IASO Children Hospital.
• It offers free examinations, medical and nursing coverage and sponsorships of events held by foundations, clubs, neighboring municipalities and sports clubs.
• It offers preferential prices on preventive examinations, on the occasion of World Health Days.
• It is beside the local societies by organizing speeches, workshops and actions in the Islands, Municipalities and Communities, for the early prevention and diagnosis of diseases and, in general, the public awareness of health issues.

The fundamental concept of IASO Group is that the development of its’ activities is optimal when conducted in a healthy social environment. Aiming to operate in harmony with the society and beyond the mandatory legislative demands, IASO Group places great importance on Corporate Social Responsibility issues and integrates them into its business practices and social and environmental actions.

Distinct Structure and Corporate Governance Principles and relationships of trust are built with all the persons involved (patients, inpatients and patient escorts, clinicians, employees, collaborators, suppliers, investors and the other interested parties), regular implementation of equal opportunities policies and meritocracy of the human resources, significant resources are provided by the Group for the organization or the attendance of medical conferences, discreet social interventions and to the implementation of the environmental policy, all compound the pillars of IASO Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility.


IASO Group steadily preserves the interest and respect in the human entity and values, in the society and the environment. Within the framework of its’ business activities, IASO Group employs a significant number of employees (IASO including IASO Childrens’ Hospital). Also, a significant number of external consultants of all specialties collaborate with IASO, their salaries and benefits are competitive and exceed the mean remuneration in the industry. It is noteworthy that IASO Group also collaborates with many suppliers, many of them are suppliers of codified materials whereas the rest of them comprise services and other non-classified materials. The social welfare policy for the staff includes, among others, significant benefits for the medical services in the Hospitals of IASO and IASO Group for themselves and their families.

In IASO and IASO Group, Speeches and Study Days in Municipalities and Municipal Communities are successfully organized aiming to the promotion of the citizens’ health, their information on early prevention and diagnosis and generally to their awareness of health issues – an additional approach by IASO in terms of preventive medicine and promotion of health, which constitutes the practical aspect of the generally admitted concept that “health is a public good”.

IASO Group participates, following the approval of the Scientific Boards of the Hospitals, in research programs for the development of new scientific methods and medical techniques that will contribute to the early diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

IASO operates towards being certified as a “Baby-friendly hospital”. Having the necessary experience and expertise in baby care, IASO Group particularly promotes breastfeeding in neonates born in its Maternity Hospitals by holding classes, special study days and seminars.

The primary goal is for the mother to understand that breastfeeding, apart from its insurmountable value, is the strongest emotional bonding between her and her baby.

By keeping a close eye on humans and the human needs, IASO Group provided significant price reductions and benefits to special social groups who experience a great ordeal due to the economic crisis and recession in Greece. Some of the benefits for these social groups of Greece are: price reductions on childbirths, surgical procedures, examinations and hospitalization, free visits to physicians of all specialties for them and their families and unlimited visits for their children to physicians of all specialties at IASO Children’s Hospital.

Local residents, women and others are given equal opportunity for employment including management positions. All employees are equally offered regular training, experience and opportunities for advancement.



Contribution to the Greek Economy:

In all the Hospitals and Companies of IASO Group, medicine is inseparably linked to the improvement of the human life. The offer to the society within the Group operates and grows, is a significant goal of IASO Group mission.
The Group employees a significant number of employees, external consultants of all specialties and also collaborates with a significant number of Greek Companies or Subsidiaries of multinational Companies for the procurements of materials, medicine and services.

IASO Group reinforces the national economy by paying salaries to the employees and fees to collaborators.

The Group also contributes to the State Budget through various taxes, contributions to insurance funds and a subsidy to EOPYY, the Greek National Supplier of Healthcare Services, through the rebate and clawback mechanisms of many million euros per year.

The mean annual return of the IASO share in the Athens Stock Exchange is higher than the mean performance of the shares of the Companies of the FTSEXA Hygeia of the Athens Stock Exchange. In Greece there is a crisis and recession since late 2009 but IASO proceeded with many renovations and investments.

Safer chemicals:

a. Usageof safe chemicals in materials and products:
i. The use of harmful substances is minimized and when handled this is according to the ventors’ manuals and precautions and according to the legislation and they are substituted when available by innocuous products or processes.
ii. There is a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for each chemical held/used.
b. Chemicals, especially those in bulk amounts are stored and handled in accordance with appropriate standards.

Smarter purchasing:

a. Environmental friendly products are preferred including building materials, capital goods, food, beverages and consumables.
b. Where possible and available: local services and goods are purchased following fair-trade principles.
c. The purchase and use of disposable and consumable goods is measured and the organization actively seeks ways to reduce their use, through programs of recycling.

Healthier food:

a. The Group continuously strives to offer healthier food for staff, patients and visitors.


Quality Management in IVF IoLife IASO

The top Management of “IASO” Hospital in the Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit of IASO “Institute of Life”, acknowledging that proper medical diagnosis, care and treatment of the patients is not achieved only by putting into application scientific knowledge, but also by developing caring relationships with patients, commits to a continuous effort to respond with responsibility and effectiveness to the demands and expectations of both patients and of all the recipients of the patient services and of other customers and stakeholders of “IASO” and of the Assisted Reproduction Unit of IASO “Institute of Life”.

As part of the effort to continuously improve the objective of the services provided by IASO and “Institute of Life”,was developed installed and and put into application a Quality Management System QMS according to the requirements of the International Standards ISO 9001:2015, EN 15224:2012, 2016 and TEMOSthrough the implementation of the QMS, are assured the following:

• the use and optimization of the required technological infrastructure
• the readiness for adopting new techniques and methods for the provision of the medical and nursing care
• the compliance with the applicable laws and regulatory provisions
• the effort for the continuous improvement of the provided services
• the high level of infrastructure
• highly trained medical, nursing and administrative staff
• the privacy and confidentiality of the sensitive personal data
• the integration of the quality management system’s requirements in the corporation process of the hospital
• the application of the process of the management of the clinical hazards including the management of the clinical risks
• the risk assessment approach for the identification and the handling of the threats and the utilization of the opportunities that may influence the conformity of the provided services, in addition to the ability of the Hospital to strengthen the satisfaction of the patients, the customers and the other stakeholders
• the respect towards the patient’s rights and self-determination, by participating in decisions related to the treatment plan and the respect towards the person’s cultural and religious beliefs
• The compliance with ethical values, ethics and with the quality characteristics and requirements in the provision of health care services and the safetyof all national and international patients and other stakeholders.
In order to support the QMS operation and effectiveness, the Administration of “IASO” and of the Medical Unit “Institute of Life” commit themselvesthat the quality objectives and the present Quality Policy are compatible with the hospital context and the strategic planning of the hospitalfor the development and maintenance of an excellent infrastructure and high level of human resources which are encouraged to:
• actively participate in the operation of the Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit “Institute of Life” and of the departments cooperative to it (medical, nursing, supportive)
• comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System.
• contribute to the continuous consolidation and improvement of its effectiveness, by providing it with all the means for its’ continuous development.

The Medical Assisted Reproduction Unit of “IASO” “Institute of Life” personnel, and the involved personnel of the Hospital, is required to comply with all the decisions that are taken for the realization of the present Quality Policy, based on the available resources and infrastructure that are provided by the Administration of “IASO” Hospital and the “Institute of Life”Medical Unit.

The present Quality Policy is maintained up to date, it is communicated to the personnel and it is available to the interested parties.


Health and Safety

IASO Group applies the national legislation of Health and Safety. It employs Occupational Safety Managers and Occupational Medical Doctors for the application and the occupational safety requirements.

The employees are continuously informed by the OHS Engineers and the OHS Medical Doctors about the application of OHS precaution and the applied OHS prevention programs.

The immunization control of the staff affects the health of the employees, the avoidance of work restrictions and the reduction of the hospital Infections. The tests are carried out when recruiting employees or on a case-by-case basis when this is decided by the Infection Committee.

During their recruitment, allthe staff are mantouxskin reactionteste and chest x-rayed for tuberculosis control.

In addition, the annual vaccination for influenza of the Personnel is one of the most important measures to prevent respiratory infections that are transmitted both among employees and patients and vice versa.

The non-antibody staff are vaccinated to be protected from infectious contagious diseases, and this in turn protects patients who come in contact.

The employees attend every year the educational seminars or consultation conducted by the OHS Medical Doctors concerning the information of the personnel about influenza and vaccination against it, the prophylaxis of professionals exposed to blood and biological fluids, as well as the prophylaxis of the personnel with musculoskeletal disorders.




IASO Group gives great importance to human resources by considering that employees are a great asset for success and development, towards the aim of continuously improving the quality of health services provided.
Thus, for the staffing of its’ Hospitals and Companies, modern methods and techniques of selection, training and utilization of personnel are applied. The emergence of skills is a constant effort to improve organizational and administrative structures and processes.

The objectives of IASO Group Management are to attract and retain high-performance executives with a modern professional attitude, to hire dynamic people who believe in teamwork, and above all, seeks individuals willing to adopt and highlight the values and the vision of the Group.

The Group’s policy is also about the provision of opportunities for young people.

It is a consistent policy of the Group to recruit full-time employees with the aim of creating an environment of work safety, mutual trust and reward with respect for the employee and the development of a long-term partnership.
In the context of its’ social policy, the Group also employs disabled people, enabling them to integrate into the working environment, recognizing and exploiting their specific abilities. It provides for them training programs and treats them equally by providing for them all the opportunities and benefits that apply to all employees. This policy is related to the overall objective for social cohesion and awareness of the Group’s overall policy and active participation in the fight against social exclusion.

Induction of new Partners

The induction of each new partner is performed through specific procedures and specific integration programs.

The aim of these is to ensure a balance and a combination of the increased experience of the elder employees with the best technological training that young people have.

Young people are treated equally and without any discrimination and enjoy all benefits – privileges provided for all employees of ΙASO Group.


The Group pays special attention to the education and training of all staff, the majority of whom have participated not only in training programs concerning modern methods of operation, but also in postgraduate programs in fields such as business administration and health department administration. Great value is also gained through the education and training of graduates or university graduates, both internally and externally.

For this reason, are constantly welcoming young people who want to gain their work experience of all the specialties in the framework of the internship program.


Influencing Others


IASO, provides free of charge treatments to underprivileged parturients in Greece, in collaboration with the Family Support Center of the Holy Archbishopric of Athens. In addition there were many collaborations with NGOs, Voluntary Blood Donation Events and others Events such as educational meetings for medical staff and patients, series of informative medical speeches for elderly citizens.

Wages and benefits:

IASO Group takes into account the competitiveness and the market trends, revises and adapts the paymant and benefits framework to ensure, attract and satisfy human resources.

Protection of information and personal data:

Data protection and the protection of sensitive information (such as corporate information, customer and associate personal data), is of primary importance to the IASO Group as any violation may have an adverse effect on its’ reputation or strategic planning.

In order to limit the relative risk, IASO Group Hospitals and Companies have developed the necessary policies and procedures to ensure all sensitive information and personal data. Some of them are:

• The signing of a confidentiality statement by all staff of the Group’s Hospitals and Companies for non-disclosure to a person other than those of the business of any information relating to techniques, secrets, procedures, customer lists and any general material that comes to his or her knowledge or possession.
• Access to data and information only by authorized personnel.
• The unauthorized export of any material and document.

No Company of IASO Group has received complaints or complaints concerning the dissemination of information or personal data (sensitive and non-sensitive) to their patients / clients.

Human rights

The Hospitals and Companies of IASO Group provide equal opportunities to all people regardless of gender, age, ethnic origin, religion, color or political beliefs. No tolerance exists in cases of workplace discrimination or human rights violations. Particular sensitivity is shown in the employment of people with disabilities in the appropriate positions.

Anti-corruption and bribery

IASO Group considers of great importance the fight against corruption / bribery and has therefore established a strong relationship of trust with customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors.

Delinquent behavior (e.g. fraud, corruption, bribery, embezzlement, theft, money laundering, falsification of financial reports or any attempt to cover up the above), committed either within the Company during the performance of the duties of its’ employees or outside the Company, with the participation of associates (eg customers, suppliers, other associates), are not acceptable and constitute a reason for the terminating of the contract or for the interruption of the cooperation and taking the measures stipulated by the law.

Safeguarding transparency is an absolute priority for Administration and although no cases of corruption have been reported, the Administration is not at rest but is rather committed to the continuous improvement.

Dr Georgios Stamatiou
President of “IASO”


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