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Oocyte Donation

Egg donation in Greece is based on the existing legal framework (Law 3305 | 01/2005). By now it has been clear to everyone that we are talking about a scientific medical method, which makes the couples’ hitherto impossible dreams come true.

Egg donation is the method we use to offer them this opportunity, as the mother may take the egg from the donor, but she is pregnant with the fetus herself, which grows, eats and breathes through her.

The donor’s reproductive ability is not affected at all by the whole process of egg donation.

Choosing the donor

According to the legal framework (Law 3305 | 01/2005) the donor must:

  • be less than 35 years old
  • have a normal medical history
  • have normal physical tests results

Moreover she undergoes a series of tests such as:

  • Ultrasound examination to exclude gynecological pathological situations (fibroids, cysts, polyps, etc.)
  • Control of chromosomes to exclude chromosomal abnormalities (caryotyping)
  • Screening for cystic fibrosis
  • Screening for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, Rh group

If it is confirmed that she is an appropriate donor, we move to the phase of the pharmaceutical controlled ovarian stimulation, like in a natural IVF cycle, to produce sufficient numbers of ova. The day of the scheduled eggs retrieval from the donor, the male partner gives the semen sample in the laboratory.

Subsequently, the fertilization of the eggs with the sperm of the male partner takes place inside the lab. The next day we know how many eggs have been fertilized, after 3-5 days the embryo transfer occurs, while the rest of the embryos are cryopreserved. At the same time medicines are administered to support the implant.

About ten days after the egg retrieval, we examine the b-HCG to determine if pregnancy has been achieved.

Egg donation is an established scientific process, with more and more supporters and with excellent results at international level.

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