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Infertility and its treatment sometimes could create or even increase levels of stress and anxiety. Most of the times, these feelings could develop an extremely uncomfortable and distressing environment.

Commonly, people who face and have to cope with this situation have feelings of guilt for themselves, anger and jealousy towards others, or feel a lack of control over what they have manage in their everyday life.

A possible failure of pregnancy has an impact not only in personal and marital domains, but also at social and professional sphere of a person’s life.

Institute of Life is recognizing the importance of providing both physical and emotional care during your fertility treatment. Counseling is available before, during and after treatment, regardless of the outcome.

Counseling service help individuals or couples with

  • Anxiety , Stress
  • Feelings of loss and grief ,especially after unsuccessful treatment
  • How to deal with extended family and friends
  • Low self esteem
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Stress & Coping strategies(g. learning relaxation techniques and managing negative thoughts)
  • The counseling service is a free, independent and confidential service for all patients who decide to attend the Institute of Life for treatment.
  • Counseling sessions are available both for individuals & couples
  • To book an appointment , please contact us on 2106184030.