Pistofidis Giorgos

Obstetrician – Surgeon – Gynecologist
Fertility Specialist

Gynecology Surgeon Giorgos Pistofidis is the Director of the Gynecologic Laparoscopic Surgery Department at the Athens Clinic, an associate of the IASO Hospital Institute of Life IVF Center, and an associate of MITERA Maternity Hospital.


After 18 years of studies and specialty training abroad, Dr. Giorgos Pistofidis returned to Greece in 1990 and became involved in the field of endoscopic surgery and IVF. He also organizes conferences and seminars to promote and provide training in laparoscopic surgery, while he contributes scientific papers to multiple international conferences and scientific journals in Greece and abroad. He has been a Member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in Great Britain since 1988 and in 2000 he was elected Fellow of the College.

Mr. Giorgos Pistofidis studied Medicine at the University of Genoa, graduating summa cum laude. He did his specialty in Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, and the Air Force General Hospital, Athens. After completing his specialty, he returned to London and worked with Guy’s and St. Thomas’ Hospital, Dreadnought Seamen’s Hospital, Lewisham Hospital, Luton and Dunstable University Hospital and Hammersmith Hospital.

In the 18 years he studied and worked abroad, he specialized in laparoscopic surgery, microsurgery and assisted reproduction.

He returned to Greece in 1990 and further specialized in endoscopic surgery and IVF. Along with Minas Mastrominas and Steve Davies, they established the Embryogenesis Assisted Reproduction Unit at MITERA Maternity Hospital.

In 2000, along with Marinos Tsirigotis and Michalis Pelekanos, they established the Akeso Assisted Reproduction and IVF Center.

In 2006, he formed an extremely qualified team of endoscopic surgeons, who contributed significantly to the established of the LETO Maternity Hospital Laparoscopic Surgery Department.

In 2007, the established the Associated Centers for Endoscopic Training (Associated Centers for Endoscopic Training). It is a non-profit organization that aims to share knowledge on the most modern techniques in laparoscopic surgery to young surgeons who need hands-on training on this specialty. Through educational cycles carried out every year in Athens, participants have the chance to receive training in everyday practices and get to know the latest technological advancements in the field.

To date, he has performed laparoscopic surgery on more than 3,000 patients suffering from: fibroids, endometriosis at all levels, uterine prolapse, hysterectomy, ectopic pregnancy, ovarian cysts, oncologic conditions and organ tumors.

He has published dozens of articles and made numerous presentations in Greek and international scientific journals and conferences, mainly on the topics of Laparoscopic Uterine Myomectomy, Endometriosis, Adhesions and Laparoscopic Surgery, Uterine Adenomyosis.

He has been running a private practice, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Gynecology, since 1992.

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